Indy and looking to play? We need: Guys for Sunday hoops, Guys for Tuesday men's Softball, Gals for Wednesday coed Football, Guys for Sunday men's Football.

Team coming in? Limited space for Wed and Thu kickball starting next week. One team spot open for Wed coed Football. 3 team spots open for Tue men's Softball. If you see the league you want open, you are gold for that day and sign up!

Work for Sports Monster Columbus

Work for Sports Monster Columbus

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Referees/Monitors/Umpires - Sports Monster is always looking for interested and qualified people to help out with our seasonal leagues and tournaments. You do NOT have to have referee/umpire experience to qualify. You DO have to have a thorough knowledge of specific sport rules, the ability to make a decision and stand by it, and understand the principles of blowing a whistle loudly. Pay varies by sport but ranges between $8 and $40 per game. Interested? Great! Fill out the form and we will definitely follow-up with you:


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