Indy and looking to play? We need: Guys for Sunday hoops, Guys for Tuesday men's Softball, Gals for Wednesday coed Football, Guys for Sunday men's Football.

Team coming in? Limited space for Wed and Thu kickball starting next week. One team spot open for Wed coed Football. 3 team spots open for Tue men's Softball. If you see the league you want open, you are gold for that day and sign up!

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How do I get an account?

Site accounts are only available to Captains and Individuals who have signed up for an activity, and to players who have been invited to join team rosters.

How do I connect my account to Facebook?

If you have an existing site account, log in to your Player Page and there will an option to connect your Facebook account. If you're a new player, choose the "Sign Up with Facebook option" and your account will automatically be connected. Connecting your account to Facebook lets you log in more quickly, and allows Captains to invite Facebook friends to join their roster (because who knows anyone's email address, these days).

I've logged in before, but now I'm having trouble...

If you're a Captain or Individual with an account, try resetting your password.

I was invited to play, how do I log in?

Look for an invite email with a link and temporary password that will let you accept or decline your spot and set up your account.